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Jicama / Pachyrrhizus Erosus

Bengkuang or Jicama/Yam Bean (Pachyrhizus erosus) is a tropical or subtropical plant that grows naturally in Indonesia, where it is no only a staple food, but also a valuable ingredient used in cosmetics to brighten and hydrate skin, as well as protect it from ultraviolet rays.Bengkuang contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which acts as a gentle natural exfoliator that aids in cell turnover (removing dead skin cells), thus brightening and softening the skin. Loaded with vitamin A & C, Bengkuang stimulates collagen production which is responsible for skin elasticity. TheVitamin A content helps with skin texture and prevents wrinkles, while vitaminC inhibits melanin formation. Owing to its high antioxidants, Bengkuang orJicama also helps to fight free radicals and protect skin from damage. Last but not least, it has beneficial anti-inflammatory phytosterols.

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